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Our core aim is to create innovative and lasting solutions to have a positive impact on people and the planet achieving the UN’s sustainable development goals.


We strongly believe that supporting the growth of conservation projects is a key strategy in protecting our planet and avoiding future pandemics, which links directly to SDG 15 as well as the G20 declaration.


A shocking statistic from WWF states that over 60% of all terrestrial wildlife has been lost in the last 50 years.  Yet studies show that when ecosystems are protected, life can thrive again.

Only by dramatically increasing the capacity of communities, indigenous peoples and nations to conserve land, waters and wildlife can we hope to safeguard the natural world upon which we depend.

In this conservation sector our global focus is Africa, and we work with organisations in several countries, which defend natural habitats and carbon sinks from poachers and a changing climate, and promote the positive co-existence of people and wildlife in a 21st Century Africa through community development.

Working directly with the founders and social entrepreneurs, our advisers develop strategies for building commercial partnerships to raise funds to protect wildlife, conserve land and nurture a circular economy, helping to deliver the Agenda 2030 and in particular the Life on Land development goal.

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