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We support entrepreneurs of privately owned micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSME) in building their businesses. We assist the development of local consultancies and investors, and share management experience and expertise from around the world.



We carry out cross-cutting programmes leading to increased employment and social cohesion.

These include empowerment of women, growing the businesses of women entrepreneurs, developing young entrepreneurs, improving food security by developing agribusiness, sustainable management of natural resources including carbon offsets, renewable energy, and building conservation, community and livelihoods initiatives.




As well as building enterprises, strong management expertise provides sustainable, long term sector development and economic growth, in an environmentally and socially responsible way.

Socially responsible managements understand their obligation to act in ways which benefit society at large.

We encourage and assists companies and individuals to adopt best practice in terms of balancing the social and economic impacts of their operations, that is, actions that businesses can take, over and above compliance with minimum legal requirements, to address both their own competitive interests and the interests of wider society to create sustainable positive impact on people and communities and to protect the environment.

We support in raising growth capital for companies with effective, innovative, scalable solutions to social and environmental challenges.

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